Psychological Therapist and Couples Counsellor

Annie Gurton

Based in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Annie Gurton has been helping people to thrive for many years.
She works with individuals who are experiencing recent or long-term issues
and couples who are experiencing problems in their relationship, especially in communicating. She is also a Registered Clinical Supervisor.

Annie says, ‘I offer an opportunity to talk through your experiences, emotions, behaviours and thoughts in a safe and confidential space, and find ways of living that are more rewarding and satisfying.’


I work with couples whose relationship is unhappy, helping them to move from conflict to connection.


I assist therapists, counsellors and students using a collegial approach to Supervision. 

All are welcome

My clients are diverse and include people of all ages, orientations and backgrounds, many of whom are struggling to cope with life, and just want to be happy.

I work with those experiencing serious mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, co-dependency, low-self-esteem, addictions or obsessions, and those who are just plain unhappy or confused.

“Sometimes, we all need someone to talk to.”

Annie is fully trained and registered and comes with a lifetime of experience.

She is available for individual and couples sessions in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and also globally by Skype and email.

She is also a registered Supervisor.

Annie also lectures in Counselling at ACAP and JNI.

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