Your Problem?

Clients have with many problems, and sometimes more than one. This is a list of a few of the most common ones. But if your issue is not here, Annie can still work with you towards change and healing.

Clients come to Annie with a wide variety of emotional and psychological problems.

The most common two are anxiety and depression.  Some say that anxiety is when we think of the future and feel fear, while depression is when we think of the past and feel disappointment. Many clients experience both at the same time, for they are often the two faces of the same coin.

The third most common presenting issues are confusion and sadness.  Many people have expectations that life is supposed to be easy, or fun, or predictable, or just like the media paints it.  But its not.  Life is full of difficulties and pain.  Learning the resilience to cope with these is something that a good therapist can help clients develop.

Then there are addictions and obsessions.  There are not many people who can say that they have never felt any kind of addiction, even if its to chocolate or work, and sometimes we can all be just a little bit obsessed even if it only lasts a short while.  But when either of these becomes out of perspective, and has a detrimental impact on daily living, then professional help can make a huge difference.  A good therapist can help you develop strategies to cope which will diminish the power of the obsession or addiction, and get you back to happy healthy living.

Some people have personality disorders such as anti-social, narcissistic, or borderline.  These are frequently the consequence of a distressing, insecure childhood and respond extremely well to talking therapy.  

Other clients have a chemical imbalance which leads to strange behaviour, such as those who experience bi-polar swings of mood and thinking.  Again, talking therapy can be extremely helpful.

Other clients struggle with eating disorders, or feelings of low self-esteem, or hear voices.  Some people feel sad and overwhelmed. Again, talking therapy can really made a big difference and facilitate change.

Other clients feel angry, or guilty, or some other form of overpowering emotion that colours their decision-making, relationships and life.  

And sometimes a client arrives to discuss something that is a combination of all of the above, or something entirely different.  Annie is here for all.

Change sometimes comes fast and sometimes slowly. I can’t guarantee how quickly you will feel an improvement.