LGBTQ Couples Counselling

Working with couples across the spectrum towards healthier relationships, better communication and deeper love.

Couples who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender or Queer are, in many ways, no different from straight couples.

Yet if they are experiencing difficulties in their relationship it helps considerably to choose a therapist who has experience with LGBTQ issues.

Just like all couples, LGBTQ partners can experience loneliness within the relationship, struggle with fidelity and affairs, seek better ways to communicate or even want to end the relationship but don’t know how to do so gracefully.  Annie is able to help with all these issues, and more besides.  She can help you to talk so the other will listen, and listen so the other will talk.

Annie is comfortable with the range of topics that confront LGBTQ couples, from coping with discrimination and oppression, prejudice and bigotry, coming out to one’s family, and sorting out an authentic sense of self in the face of social expectations and pressures that can lead to high levels of depression, anxiety, substance abuse and addiction, and other mental health concerns.  If any of these frustrations are present along with communication problems within the relationship, you have  a recipe for conflict and disharmony.

It may be that you think that cheating has occurred but you can’t get to the truth, there may be too much fighting, bickering or arguing, or there may be too little affection and intimacy.  One or both of you may feel taken for granted, or one or both of you may feel that you want more out of life, or you may just want to deepen the relationship that you have.  All relationships are different, yet we are attracted to our significant others for similar and real reasons. Annie can help you to understand the science behind the behaviour we take for granted.

It is within relationships that we can heal and grow, which is why it is always worth working towards better communication and understanding.

Whatever your

orientation, the

pain & sadness

of a relationship

in trouble is the

same. And the

path towards

happiness starts

with the same

first step.