Whatever therapeutic modality you use, Annie can provide supportive and insightful Supervision.

Good supervision helps therapists become more self-aware and to grow in their practice. Supervisee benefits from having someone more experienced to turn to, someone who will help them identify their strengths and recognise where they need to work.

Annie has been in practice since 2005 and her own practice takes an eclectic, integrated approach. Whatever your training and modality, Annie will be able to provide you with one-off or regular long-term sessions which will enable you to conduct your work with greater self-awareness and confidence.

Annie also runs Group Supervision sessions.  Contact her for details.

Annie is a registered PACFA Supervisor and is available to other therapists, counsellors (and also to trainee and student counsellors) on a regular or ad hoc basis.  She also belongs to AAOS (Australasian Association of Supervisors).    She provides Supervision to students in placement and to other therapists with varying levels of experience.

Clinical supervision provides time out and an opportunity, in the context of an ongoing professional relationship with an experienced practitioner, to engage in guided reflection on current practice in ways designed to develop and enhance that practice in the future.

Supervision is a delicate skill which provides a neutral space and a time to be reflective. The supervisee is able to discuss clients in confidence, reflect on events and gain a new perspective. Supervision is an opportunity to not only to discuss specific cases and consider alternative approaches but to reflect on the impact that therapeutic work is having on the therapist.  The purpose is to assist a practitioner to learn from his or her experience, enhance self-reflection and to develop new skills and greater expertise. This approach ensures a good service to the client.

Regular supervision is a requirement of all professional bodies, with the amount of supervision in ratio to the number of client hours. It is recognised as an essential element of Good Practice.

Annie offers a structured supervision environment.  She supports the principles of respectful curiosity, and the recognition of strengths and resources in a non-judgemental, accepting, safe atmosphere.

Supervision with Annie lasts 60 minutes and costs $140 per session. 

To enquire about one-off or regular Supervision with Annie or book a session please email or call +61 423 632 567. Supervision with Annie is also available globally via Zoom.

Unconditional presence is the most powerful transmuting force there is. This is true with clients, with students and with supervisees.