Creating Stronger Bonds

Learn how to communicate better, cease conflict and create a greater love.

If you want:

  • Improved communication 

  • More enjoyment and fun 

  • A loving and passionate sexual relationship 

  • To model healthy relationships for your children

  • Less conflict and arguments

  • Practical skills to help you have a home of peace, happiness and connection. 

Imago can help you experience what you want, have a loving relationship and rekindle your hope for the future. (, Brenda & Peter Rawlings)

Relationships start with the honeymoon phase, when we are overwhelmed with love and are certain that it will last forever. However, sooner or later, we move into a phase of conflict as each partner begins to find fault with the other and is frustrated in trying to understand what is going wrong.

By working with a skilled expert, couples can learn how to ‘talk so the other will listen and listen so the other will talk’.  They learn to express their frustrations and be acknowledged.  By improving the way that they communicate, couples can again appreciate the things that first attracted them to each other, and their love can move into a new, deeper phase of long-lasting, rewarding self-discovery.

When couples move into the conflict phase things can get very messy.  They can speak negatively, be vindictive and feel anger and hurt.  Where previously there was love, now there is blame, shame, criticism, contempt, withdrawal and unhappiness.  But it doesn’t have to be like this.  The earlier in a relationship the couple learns how to communicate effectively, the sooner they can move into a supportive loving relationship.  They can feel deep love and connection again, and that love can be lasting and rewarding.

The Couples Therapy that Annie offers is about awakening relationships and repairing wounds.  She coaches couples in how to communicate, and then is there for top-up sessions later if necessary.    It is not always an easy process – it requires each to look into their own childhood and come to understand how they were wounded as children, and what they were subconsciously looking for in a partner.

This can be painful work, which is why it requires commitment to the process, the ability to be frank and the desire to transform the relationship into a source of positive growth.  Its not for everyone.  Only those who are serious about creating a lasting love should try it.  But in the supportive, confidential and safe space that Annie creates, it is possible to stop the disintegration and destruction and restore the hope and passion that was once there. With Annie you can create hope in the place of despair, discover the rewards of real love and open your heart to wisdom and compassion.


Thank you so much for your teachings. We were at rock bottom in 2013 having been together for 15 years, Jill was exhausted by caring for a sick and dying parent as well as running a 50-60 hour a week business. Jack was having an affair with another woman and spending large amounts of cash on his alcohol and drug habit. We were set to go our different ways – but with the help of our Imago therapist and two Imago workshops we have now been back on track with our relationship for 10 years, and it is better than it has ever been. No more drugs, alcohol, affair, overwork, distancing, and poor communication. We work as a team, communicate well, and love each other dearly (and we got married!). We are so happy we recycled our old relationship into something wonderful instead of launching off into unknown territory only to repeat the same old mistakes.

The author asked to remain anonymous

Anyone and everyone can learn how to nurture their relationship so that it becomes richer,  more satisfying, happier and have more passion.