Interpersonal Neurobiology

We can always promote compassion, kindness, resilience and well-being in our personal lives, our relationships and our communities by being aware of the power of the connection between us.

The science of Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) is not new – the ancients have long been aware of the power we have to connect by look and touch.  The New Agers call it Reiki. Some say we are all connected, and there is scientific evidence of auras and fields of energy around us, and how our brains evolve through connections with others.

Annie is among leading neuroscientists who are using these techniques therapeutically. By being conscious of the natural integration that we create and move towards, it is possible to hold a healing energetic force that helps clients feel more aware and healed.

This highly integrative field has not emerged from any one particular area of research, but rather is an open and evolving way of understanding the nature of the mind, the body, the brain, and our relationships with each other and the larger world in which we live. This emerging approach is fundamental to knowing about the way the focus of attention changes the structure and function of the brain throughout the lifespan and opens new doors to healing and growth.

By combining exciting new findings of how awareness can shape the connections in the brain toward integration, together with the knowledge of how interpersonal relationships shape our brains from infancy to old age, we can actively “inspire each other to rewire”.  In the therapeutic space, this means that Annie is able to help clients to learn more about themselves, learn to trust their innate wisdom, to draw on their experiences and to model a positive future.

Interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB) was developed by Dan Siegel and Allan Schore. It uses clinical evidence that supports continuous brain growth as its foundation. This technique examines the opportunity for healing trauma and transforming negative thinking by stimulating the brain with powerful and positive persuasion. Studies have shown that conditions that were once considered to be irreversible may actually be able to be transformed in a healthy way. Because the brain grows continuously throughout our lives, the implications for healing are unending. This technique is being used across a broad sector of the population, including with those who work in the areas of mental health, education, parenting, business, industry, and others.

The method explores the effect that therapy has on the brain and how the brain mechanism is directly impacted by life experiences. In the past, experts believed that neurological growth stopped as late as early adulthood. Neuroplasticity demonstrates that the formation of new neurons and neurological links continue throughout people’s entire lives. This relatively new information supports the theory of interpersonal neurobiology and offers evidence of its validity and efficacy. By understanding how these neurological links are affected, and similarly, how they affect the body, mind, and spirit as a whole, clinicians can better assist clients to rebuild and reconnect these links to achieve a healthier internal balance.

Clinical and medical tests have shown that the healing powers of meditation and awareness directly affect the physical body in relation to the creation of new neuronal pathways. Meditation forces people to quiet their mind and go within their bodies in order to gain a sense of awareness. As a result, people become enlightened to thoughts, ideas, and behaviors that were previously hidden. Through proper technique, these new discoveries can be integrated into people’s minds and inner wisdom. Interpersonal neurobiology states that these new patterns will have a physical, physiological, and emotional effect regardless of what age at which they are discovered. With every new idea, attitude, behavior, or piece of knowledge people obtain, they are physically changing and influencing the construct of their brains.


When two people look at each other, their brains connect in a way that we do not yet fully understand.