Rogerian Psychotherapy

The person-centred principles of Carl Rogers allow the client to develop a better sense of self.

Carl Rogers taught that if certain necessary conditions were fulfilled the client would grow and be able to change.  These are empathy, ‘congruence’ or authenticity, and positive regard.

Annie works from a client-centred position so that the therapeutic space is there for the client to express themselves, to feel held and nurtured.  She is utterly non-judgemental or critical, totally accepting each client and their story. 

She is sometimes directive, sometimes suggests an alternative viewpoint or a different perspective and sometimes challenges a client’s thinking but in a gentle non-assertive manner.   She believes that the clients have the knowledge within themselves to heal their pain and discover a new path or way of behaving.  

The founding philosophy of the Rogerian approach is that people are essentially good, and that ultimately the individual knows what is right for them.  This is the essential key ingredient of successful person centered therapy that Annie integrates with her other techniques – acceptance of the client and trusting the process of change.

A therapeutic space that provides empathy, authenticity and positive regard allows the client to grow.