Conscious Uncoupling

If a couple has decided to separate it is hugely helpful if this can be a respectful, caring process particularly if there are children.

When a couple has decided that their relationship is over, the world seems bleak and devastating. They are deliberately breaking up the most important relationship in their lives.  It never happens without pain and grief, whatever the circumstances and even if everyone agrees it is for the best.

With guidance from Annie, the process can be respectful, courteous and you can avoid the common mistakes that lead to the relationship ending with bitterness and rancour. It is possible to breakup with love and for on-going communication to be appreciative and positive.

It seems that romantic love sticks around long enough to bind two people together, then it rides off into the sunset. And seemingly overnight, your dream marriage can turn into your biggest nightmare. Bitter endings to love relationships can ravage every aspect of your life. It can often feel like your whole world has shattered, and you are left with deep feelings of blame, anger and hurt. So you just try not to think about it. You try to put it behind you and move on with your life.

But you can’t stop thinking about it, and that’s the biggest problem of all. Because this means that every one of those painful breakups will haunt you in some way.   But it is possible to transform the deepest disappointment into a sacred journey from sorrow to peace using the Imago process, guided by Annie.  It is possible to understand and overcome strong feelings of unresolved anger and betrayal, and reach a place of profound clarity and peace.

If there are children involved, how much better is it for them to have parents who are communicating civilly and respectfully, and who are still able to honour each other. Everyone benefits.

Ending a relationship with respect and courtesy is not easy but done consciously, it can help prepare you for your next love.