Repair your marriage

To improve communications, and talk and listen better.

If you want…

  • Improved communication 

  • More enjoyment and fun 

  • A loving and passionate sexual relationship 

  • To model healthy relationships for your children

  • Less conflict and arguments

  • Practical skills to help you have a home of peace, happiness and connection. 

Imago can help you experience what you want, have a loving relationship and rekindle your hope for the future (, Brenda & Peter Rawlings)

Using the Imago Relationship Dialogue, Annie will teach you and your partner to rebuild connection and communication, and ways to work through your conflict to restore peace, harmony and love.

If you are unhappy and lonely in your marriage, and can relate to any of these statements, it doesn’t have to be to be this way..

  • My husband/wife/partner and I are constantly fighting.
  • I feel depressed and anxious and I don’t know what to do
  • I never realised that the inside of a marriage could be so lonely
  • No-one realises or understands whats going on for me
  • I don’t want to separate or divorce but I can’t see any other way forward
  • I feel so angry 
  • We never talk anymore
  • We are never intimate, or never in a way that makes me feel good
  • I feel frightened for the future
  • I want us to be friends again but he/she is so hostile
  • I can’t forgive the betrayal


Thank you so much for your teachings. We were at rock bottom in 2013 having been together for 15 years, Jill was exhausted by caring for a sick and dying parent as well as running a 50-60 hour a week business. Jack was having an affair with another woman and spending large amounts of cash on his alcohol and drug habit. We were set to go our different ways – but with the help of our Imago therapist and two Imago workshops we have now been back on track with our relationship for 10 years, and it is better than it has ever been. No more drugs, alcohol, affair, overwork, distancing, and poor communication. We work as a team, communicate well, and love each other dearly (and we got married!). We are so happy we recycled our old relationship into something wonderful instead of launching off into unknown territory only to repeat the same old mistakes.

The author asked to remain anonymous

Move from conflict to connection using the Imago Dialogue.

Understand why you are attracted to each other.

A marriage is where you heal and grow.