by Annie Gurton, Couples Counsellor

After an engagement the excitement of planning a wedding begins – cake, flowers, clothing, venue. In the midst of all the planning for the big day, you could forget to plan for the single most important thing – the marriage. Your wedding day will come and go, and years after the day it will not matter if the flower arrangements on the table were perfect. What will matter is that the strength of your relationship will stand the test of time. Building a relationship and falling in love can often feel easy, but it is important to remember that focusing on staying in love is just important.

You found your partner for life, so let us help you keep it that way.

One of my roles is to help couples prepare for their upcoming marriage by teaching practical skills and tools such as agreeing a relationship vision, conflict resolution, optimum communication and more. Coming to see me doesn’t mean that your relationship is weak; it means you care enough about it to keep it strong forever.

Pre-marriage counselling is beneficial for any couple. Whether you are engaged, recently married, moving in together, or have been married or living together for a number of years, I can provide insight and skills that can help you communicate with your partner, tackle any issues along the way, and bring you closer together.  We will look at:

Relationship expectations

Expectations can shape a relationship. We will discuss how your roles as partners are impacted when expectations change in your relationship.

Communication skills

Communication is crucial to success in any relationship. You will learn how to be assertive and direct in letting your partner know what you need, and be able to listen to your partner so they really feel heard.

Conflict Resolution

We all face conflict in our lives. I focus on tools to allow you to recognise ruptures for what they are and give you techniques for dealing with them to create positive outcomes.


Everyone has different and unique qualities. I help you to understand how you react to conflict, why you are together in the first place and how best to understand and work with your partner.

Sex and Intimacy

The physical stuff is an important part of the relationship too. You will learn how communication plays a large part in both sex and intimacy.

Goals and Dreams

The workshop will discuss how to support and discuss goals and dreams and develop a relationship vision for how you want the relationship to be.